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Perfect behavior of children facing sugary things: The child calmly approaches the chocolate aisle of the supermarket. She looks at her perfect mum, looking for the approvatory look. She nods slowly with a smile on her lips. The child recognizes the oatmeal biscuits dipped in fair trade organic dark chocolate with only 1 gram of sugar per cookie. In addition the package is 100% recyclable. Everyone is happy.


Behavior of my imperfect third daughter: “Cuuuuuuuuuuucaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! * Mom chocolateeeeeee!, can I have two, can I have three? No, I know, can I have four because I’m four?”. “Can I have the cute one? Can I have the biggest one?”  

*Cuca = chocolate in the language of third daughter.

She already has three chocolates in his hand, do you have the vital energy to face her right now?, even when she has the support of the “death squad” -her two older sisters- who are reminding you the last time you bought chocolate cookies, in 1999?

I sometimes have the vital energy to carry out the situation with amazing, amazing serenity. I look like Buddha himself with children, imperturbable … And sometimes I have a monster that comes out of my mouth and I assure you that nobody buys a candy, neither my kids nor anyone else in all Tesco. Mamma mia!

Yes, sometimes I get the feeling that third daughter has a real problem with sugar or candy. And it is a totally objective observation, I am comparing the physical response to the same stimulus of his two older sisters. That is, this is 100% scientific and tested in humans.

She wakes up and asks for breakfast, then she asks for “the breakfast’s dessert”.

“What dessert, daughter? There is no dessert at breakfast.”

Then she gets angry and doesn’t have her breakfast until 15 minutes after, when it passes. And now we are in a hurry, mornings are super planned right? nothing can fail…

At the next meal, she asks again for dessert. Again. Even sometimes she wakes up soon because she knows that there is “sweet” breakfast that day. Can you believe it?

Sometimes I find “third daughter” in front of a candy with the same face as Homer Simpson in front of a donuts.  

In fact, one day her father promised to buy donuts even though “third daughter” had not eaten donuts in her life. The girl was determined. Just by saying the name “donuts” “third daughter” was drooling and her eyes went blank. Awesome.

She had done all Pavlov’s dogs leranings in one second.

Word “donut” = drooling.

I must admit that during her pregnancy I ate a few Donuts, ahem, ahem. In my defense I will say that I wanted to take advantage of what was going to be my last pregnancy, it was the perfect moment! Anyway, what is done is done.

Another curious fact that I will confess is that when I took the first photo to third daughter, wearing her pinky baby clothes, whith her precious face and posture, I sent it to everyone by whastapp and I texted: “Sweet Manuela”. What a coincidence, right??!!


The fact is that I do not know what to do, the truth, I am a little lost in this matter. I have two options: first, don’t give her any sugar in her life again, –which is impossible, I couldn’t even stand it-. Or two, I appeal to “when she grews up, she will manage it” and I let it pass. This second option lets me become more lax in that regard. And by the way I would pay the dentist with her money…

They say that if you allow them to have access to “forbidden things” they learn how to manage the situation, that I have read. But I’m not sure, I don’t trust to leave her free. Any advice?

And I don’t think this behaviour comes as an extreme reaction of not exposing her to sugar. In fact the three daughters take things with sugar from time to time like all children, although perhaps a little less than average.

Infallible trick: whatever you don’t want them to eat, you should always leave it out of home, never put it in the shopping cart -or at least not continuously-. Treats away from home and all happy and without temptations.


When we talk about nutrition, I consider myself -for now- a very good living example for my daughters right now. So my part of “be the change that you want to see in the world” is ok. Please put an orange blanket over my shoulders, shave my head and say “oohhmmm”. If that counts something, at least I already have it.

The fact is that it seems complicated to me to educate children in this regard. Finding the middle ground between being a “radical healthy mum” and being a “your body knows what it needs so let nature act without intervention mum” is a difficult task for me.

For now, and because third daughter seems that is on the way to becoming the bad Gremling of the film -and not only during the night-, I prefer to continue restricting sugar at home and be a “bored mother”.

Of course, for her birthday party I have already bought the chocolate cake with balls that she like so much. “With rocket ships mummy” she tells me … Oh dear, she is so cute!

Photo by Yarden on Unsplash

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