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COVID-19 crisis, one more opportunity


When we deal with a crisis, the world will never be what we want it to be, and society will never behave in the way that we individually consider. Nothing, ever, will work as it “should be”.

The Coronavirus or COVID-19 is not the greatest crisis in our history, as a species it will not be our “final catastrophe” and it will not be our only opportunity for change or progress on a social level. There will be more opportunities.

There will always be other situations that seem to destroy us at the same time that they build us, making much more noise than this one.

This crisis that is happening is not going to be definitive, nor is it so important, nor is it less important. It simply is.

This is something else that adds to all the other things or circumstances that currently occur in each life, in each individual life.

Circumstances that only those who live them know, and nobody else. Imagination doesn’t count here. Experimenting counts.

This crisis, like any group or individual crisis, is an opportunity. Opportunity for those who can read it that way and for those who voluntarily want to see it that way.

This crisis, like any group or individual crisis, is a wake-up call, a call to growth, to maturity and to individual responsibility, for the common good.

It is a window to demonstrate, to give an example, not to only use words. Like all crises.

In particular, it seems like a good opportunity as a society to recognize that we can be without politicians, that we can be without authorities, that we can make decisions and be without submission. They don’t have to tell us what we have to do. Make our own decisions. Know how to take care of ourselves.

But there will be more crises and there will be more opportunities. Let’s not worry about it. And perhaps this occasion, so loud, that wants so much to attract attention, that wants so much that we take care of it, will be a great shake -but not the last one- before we start to become aware.

  • To become aware that we need nothing more than acceptance, respect and love. Towards ourselves and towards others. To stop “fighting” and start “flowing”.
  • To be aware that we need nothing more than presence in the present and stillness. Forgetting about the past, the future or what we imagine it to be …
  • To become aware that we need nothing more than our essence, without masks, without created or imposed personalities. Impossible to have just without the above.
  • To be aware of that “it is okay” what each one individually chooses, says or does. “It is okay” and nobody has to comment. Nobody has to “be honest” and “tell you” what “happens to you”.
  • To become aware that there is permission to be, to express, to act … individually. No judgment.

We are our own authority. We are who decide how to act, what to think, what to cultivate in our minds, what to ignore, what to discuss, when to keep quiet.

We are capable of, and we can take responsibility for our decisions, our behavior, our failures, our triumphs …

And there is no right or wrong, and there is no better or worse. There is no opinion. There is no judgment.

There is acceptance, respect and love. Responsibility, maturity and affection. Towards you and towards others.

This is an opportunity, but not the only one.

Photo by Miguel Bruna on Unsplash

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