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How to start feeling your period. Beginner level


I don’t want to mislead you, I’m new in this theme, but it’s true that this seem to me something nice, rich, interesting and importante, that I’m feeling good, and with some basic knowlegment, to share it with those who has interest in.

Like all things, when you start to feeling your period, there are levels. We can find professional people who measure their basal body temperature and they are even be capable of feeling how increase or decrease their hormonal level. And we can find beginners, people who are happy only with some basic data, and then they will, or not, find out more about the subject. Without rush, leisurely.

We don’t need to be an experts, right?. We have to remove the obsession of be an experts, and embrace just enjoy the each day learning.

Today I’m going to give you four basic points that I have learnt and, for those who want something easy, fast and simple, can start to record your data and feel your period right now.

What will you need?

  1. A diary or a notebook
  2. Pens or markers of different colors -optional for those who love colors-
  3. About 10 minutes a day, if you want more, then more

There are apps that could help you in this task, but I like to write so I have never used them. If you are interested in these apps, ask me and I will check them for you.

How to record data?

  • Mark the day that your period starts, that is the 1st day, your first spot. Mark “day 1” in your diary in the date of this day, or in your notebook, write the date down. Mine was last 27th of February.
  • If your are not in your 1st day but you can calculate  what day are you today -you have to keep counting day by day-, start here, today, it’s ok. If your are brand new obsessive, like when you release a new diary every year or notebook, you could wait until the next period and start there, as you prefer. I’m today -3rd of March- in my 5th day.
  • You have to write this four basic data down: what is your phisic activity level -that is to say, if you are in the mood for have more activity, or no more activity, or regular, value from 1 to 10-, what is your concentration level, what is your sociability level and what is your confident level. Related to confidence, you can also write what kind of clothes are you wearing today -sport, conformtable, mini skirt, whatever…-.

There is a lot of thing that you can write down, but to start to feel the period, it’s enough, these are the most important data. In othe post I can give to you more data to mark, or you can find them in books like Red Moon, or specialized websites. You could send me an email also and I will send you my check points.

Why we record data

We record these data, mainly, to stop and feeling us. To evaluate the day and to keep it in a written form. When you writte the feelings down, you will be able to remember them easily. And also you will have them for when we cross the three months data.

Yes, we are going to try to write our feeling during three consecutive months.

Enter more data if you feel like it

If you feel like it, you can write more data down in your diary or in your notebook. What have you felt in general, if there is any physical data that attracts your attention. If something strange has happened, how have you felt at work, or with your friends. Anything goes.

For example: today I have got up in the mood for do things but I have noticed that when I start one thing, I begin to be distracted. Today also, my gums have start to bleed and I feel pins in my lumbar.

What else should you know?

The last thing that I want to tell you in this beginners session is that you could divide the month into four weeks, but not like gregorian calendar, but considering that your 1st bleeding day is your 1st day in this new calendar. In that way, the new calendar is like this:

  • From 1st day to 7th: menstrual phase. I know most of you are not menstruating during seven days, but we are going to keep it that way because this is full of shades and I want to make it easy.
  • From 8th day to 14th: pre-ovulatory phase. I’m going to leave you a post here that I wrote in this phase in case you want to check it.
  • From 15th day to 21st: ovulatory phase. I’m going to leave here another post that I wrote in this phase.
  • From 21st day to 28th, or to when your period start again: premenstrual phase. The famous premenstrual syndrome. You have here some posts about this phase, if you want to check them.

Just write this phases down in your diary or in your notebook.

For example you can write: First day, menstrual phase, or 16th day, pre-ovulatory phase.

That’s enough. And this different phases, which I will write about in other posts, will ring you a bell.

And this is it

That’s all, for beginners is enough. You can write or search further information in internet if you are keen of menstruation. You can read books like Red Moon, o you can follow other person who write about period.

You can, also, read the post that I write about each phase, here in this website, in order to know more, little by little.

If do you have doubts or suggestions, please write me. XXX

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

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